Nairobi, Kenya By Usman Rattu

Safari Land

It is not KAYA (sacred forests) where you have to remove your headwear, promise not to kiss anyone inside the grove, wrap a black kaniki (sarong) around your waste, and ensure not to cut any vegetation. It is Nairobi where you are going to walk, where you have to make sure that you will not move with valuable, not come out after sunset, not wonder in streets alone etc because Nairobi is also called Nai-Robbery. I myself was encountered with snatcher during my single day visit. Welcome to the world safari capital, and observe Masi Mara; one of the largest animal migration. The land filled with wild life, one will feel it, even before arriving in Kenya. In airplane Lion, Giraffe, Zebra, Elephant and Hippo printed sashes and food rappers, followed by landing visa on your passport will paint a big wild life picture of Kenya before stepping in Nairobi. .

Driving to anywhere, you have to face bumper to bumper traffic packed roads with all stunner drivers. It is not cars or mini vans to be afraid on road, you should be more careful from the traffic Police since it is efficient to get out money out of your pocket. On road, not only need to care yourself, also take care of all passengers in your car as I was driving with my two friends in car. My both friends were smoking that time. Police stopped us.

Police: Show me your license and car’s documents

I presented all the documents. Police could not find any excuse to fine me.

Police: Oh these two people inside car are smoking and offending you! We will fine them

I: I am not offended as me too a smoker.

Police: Well they did not offend you but they are offending us since they are smoking in front of us. They should be fined

I: OK, go ahead you can fine them

Police: They have to go to police station and wait for the magistrate for fine.

I: Ok no problem

Police: (sitting inside and ask) Move. So you are serious to leave them in police station

I: Yes, no other way

I: No problem

Police: Don’t you feel loneliness when you will return from police station

I moved my car and then police started warn us, do you know today is Friday and your friends have to wait till Monday in police station before they will present to the court. They have to spend three nights in jail

I: No problem

Police: How you can sleep in a room, while your friends will be battling with mosquitoes

I: Then what I could do?

Police: Instead of attending court and give fine, why not give some money for my food and let everything finish.

At the signpost for the equator, it is easy to be impressed by professor of “Coriolis Forces” who already told you: at the center of equator the water drains straight, moving towards north the water drains clockwise and moving towards west the water drains anticlockwise because of Coriolis forces. In 1835 this phenomenon is described by Gaspard Gustave and based on Newton’s second law of motion. You are lucky to see it’s demonstration as you are standing on equator. Later, you will find yourself goof once you will realize that, the scientists say the Coriolis forces does not actually cause water to drain in the manner which you observed in Kenya. And it was completely bogus demonstration, just a trick of the “professor” who sold you some souvenirs later in his courier shop.

In general helping attitude of people keeps you on track, since some time the helper starts traveling with you and ensures you have seen the destination. Along your companion, you will be often encountered with wild life, colored butterflies will accompany you all your way. On the way back from Nairobi; I experience a very humble and kind attitude from a Japanese mom in plane, who made origami dolls/birds/flowers during flight and present to me in reply of little help to her.

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