The Sanctuary of Truth @ Pattaya By Maria Jean

The Sanctuary Of Truth is a temple construction in Pattya, Thailand. Thai people call it “Wooden Castle”. It is all made of wood and they built it without using nails. In this castle, you will find how talented Thai people are. You will see beautifully crafted wooden sculptures. Entrance fee is 500 Baht per person.
Before going to the “Wooden Castle”, there’s this restaurant where you can have food and drinks if you’re hungry or thirsty and also in this restaurant or snack house, you will see some local Thai people performing Thai Traditional Dance.
Another attraction in the Santuary of Truth is no other than the famous Thai Elephant. You can ride the elephant (forgot how much you would pay, please kindly click the link for more details) or you can feed them with ripe bananas for only 100 Baht (at least i remember that ) ^_^.
When we are about to leave, a guy asked me if I would like to get my picture. I didn’t know that their photographer took a picture of me with the Thai people who performed Thai traditional dance.  A souvenir, well, why not? It’s 250 Baht but it’s complete with wood frame and a Sanctuary of Truth logo made of steal pasted on it. (Pardon for the blurry picture)
Visiting the Sanctuary of Truth is all worth it. This castle is an example of a pure Thai culture. It’s another amazing place in Thailand.
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