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The Sanctuary of Truth @ Pattaya By Maria Jean

The Sanctuary Of Truth is a temple construction in Pattya, Thailand. Thai people call it “Wooden Castle”. It is all made of wood and they built it without using nails. In this castle, you will find how talented Thai people are. You … Continue reading

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Siam Niramit Show, A review By Suhail Nasir

My recent trip to Bangkok, was quite long, so I decided to try the, much hyped, Siam Niramit Show. Its one of the most famous stage shows in the world. I took the sukhumvit line metro train and got off at the … Continue reading

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Yun Nan Impressions by Joy Wang

I was told by many experienced travelers,  ‘Once you are in Yun Nan, you will never want to leave…’ I was pretty perplexed, is it because it’s too beautiful to leave, or something else holds you up?? With this puzzle hovering … Continue reading

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A Weekend @ “Pattaya Beach” in Bangkok

by Mary M. On 13th March 2010, me and my husband planned to hangout to a famous but crowded beach of Thailand called the “Pattaya Beach”. It is about 2hours 30min drive from the Bangkok city by bus. Taxi usually … Continue reading

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    شنگھائی میں کیا دیکھنے والا ہے؟ انہوں نے پوچھا ! میں نے تھوڑا سوچا اور جواب دیا …شنگھائی میں شنگھائی دیکھنے والا ہے . یہ بات صحیح  ہے، شنگھائی آبادی کے لحاظ سے دنیا کا سب سے  بڑاشہر ہے جہاں ہر دن عید اور رات … Continue reading

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Tehran by Kashif Ali

I visited Tehran, the capital of Islamic republic of Iran for few days in September 2009. It was an exciting experience. It is an official Shia state. It is evident from the billboards showing slogans about Ali RA, Fatima RA & … Continue reading

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Pattaya by Paktraveler

Pattaya is the resort beach near Bangkok. Great fun can be anticipated. From Central Bangkok taxi might take you there for around 1000 bhat. A bus from Ikamai BTS station would cost around 100 baht, I tried the bus and the quality was quite … Continue reading

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